Our History:

Townsview Primary School is situated on the corner of Main Street and Valda Street in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg.  It has been built on the top of a koppie and overlooks Johannesburg City to the north.  To the south of the school, the ‘new south’ is being built.  Originally, the area was comprised of plots for vegetable and dairy farming.

The school was opened on 28 July 1953 with an enrolment of 163 children, the school was built to accommodate 450 learners.  Over the past 60 years our school has grown substantially and we currently have an enrolment of 1023 learners.  We’ve obviously had to add classrooms, be innovative with existing facilities and, unfortunately, take away much needed space for our learners to play.

In 2013 we celebrated the school’s 60th birthday with a school production involving all the learners at the school entitled, “Once upon a Townsview Time” in July which was a great success, and a Fun Day in October which was enjoyed by all.


“Link Hands”.


Townsview Primary School, in its quest for educational excellence, will aspire to advance and promote quality learning, teaching and the development of leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge, values, skills and qualifications that will give them the best chance in life.


Townsview Primary School is an English medium school striving to provide the best balanced education to create life-long learners from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Professional staff will endeavour to provide a supportive, nurturing, disciplined and safe environment which develops the learner’s individual potential in all areas and to encourage the learner to ‘link hands’ with others to contribute to a better community and country.

This will be effected by the following:

  • The school policies and practices will be based on morals, principles and values, inclusive of and respecting the rights and dignity of all people (Ubuntu).
  • Education at Townsview Primary School must be affordable to the community and of the best quality.
  • The highest calibre of professional staff shall be employed and given appropriate recognition. Continuous educator development will be encouraged.
  • A partnership between the educator, parent and child must be developed and sustained in the advancement of well-behaved and well-rounded learners in keeping with the School’s motto, “Link Hands”.
  • Townsview Primary School will ensure all channels of communication are open.
  • Community involvement will be promoted by seeking their support in the pursuit of our vision and mission and to ‘give back’ to our community by providing assistance and relief to them.
  • Townsview Primary School recognises the need to foster pride and loyalty in the school and community coupled with trust in and tolerance of one another.
  • Townsview Primary School shall possess a safe and healthy environment for its learners and employees.
  • In all aspects of teaching and learning, a culture of life-long learning must be instilled within the learners and they must be infused with the conviction that they can make a positive contribution to their society and country.
  • To ensure that the education the learners receive leads to them achieving our vision.


  • Cardinal value: ‘I care’.
  • Delivering credible, creative, relevant and quality learning programmes.
  • Nurturing in learners a deep and abiding desire for life-long learning to cope with societal changes.
  • Entrusting pride and dignity in all learners within a non-violent, culture-fair and anti-bias ethos.
  • Striving for the holistic development of learners with empowering life skills for a global context.
  • Practising principles of democracy, transparency, support, compassion and accountability.
  • Embracing and managing diversity as a resource for promoting intellectual competence.